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KIIT University

  • Declared a University under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956
  • 'A' Category University as per Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
  • 'A' Grade by NAAC
  • 'Tier 1' (Washington Accord) accreditation by NBA
  • Respective Courses Approved by Statutory Bodies of Govt. of India: MCI, DCI, BCI, INC, etc

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KIITians design Electric Bike

///KIITians design Electric Bike

KIITians design Electric Bike


‘Electric Bike’ has been conceptualized by KIIT Automotive Society. The project aims to build a 125-150 cc engine capacity motorcycle, meant for urban use or use in short distance transport. The motorcycle will be converted to provide maximum efficiency on its limited battery, provide speeds of approximately 50 kilometres per hour. It is meant to be a new concept for cheap production and efficient running. The motorcycle involves an average 70V power supply to a PMDC motor along with an attached microcontroller. A combination of four approximately 18V batteries supplies power to the whole setup.