Achyuta Samanta KIIT Founder

Founder’s Message for
12th Annual Convocation of KIIT University

It is indeed a big day for students all over the world. Every student enrolled in a university wait for the day of graduation – the day of convocation. This day comes after a long interval for each student but for the University, it has remained an annual event.  It is on this day, the University looks back to measure its achievement, while this day marks the beginning of a new journey for the students. The University feels proud witnessing the smiling faces of its graduates coming out with ceremonial gowns holding their Degrees, Diploma and Certificates. Like every, this year also KIIT is holding its Convocation. KIIT as a University will be experiencing a feeling of pride for yet another time when it will have its 12th Convocation on 12th November 2016. In the last twelve years since KIIT became a University, it has proved that education, intellectual endeavour and world-class teaching and research facilities are not only for the rich but for everyone including the poor and the marginalised. Looking beyond education has remained forte of KIIT and it is determined to strive for a better world where knowledge and compassion would rule supreme. I always believe that graduation is both a concept and a process for all the students in KIIT. It is a concept because in real life, a student graduates everyday and as a process it goes on till the last day of his life. On this day when my young KIITians will step out of this campus, they will not forget the immortal word of Swami Vivekananda, “Take up an idea, make that idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

In the last twelve years, KIIT University has carved a niche for itself both in academic and research. The accreditation of NBA of AICTE and NAAC of the UGC and the Ministry of HRD., Government of India’s notification granting ‘A’ Category, besides a berth in the Washington Accord speak for the quality of education provided in KIIT. The Washington Accord signed in 1989 is an international agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting Engineering Degree programmes. It recognizes the substantial equivalency of programmes accredited by those bodies and recommends that graduates of programmes accredited by any of the signatories be recognized by other bodies of having met the academic requirements for entry into the practice of engineering.  In single terms, students passing out of KIIT can take employments and go for higher studies in as many as 17 most advanced countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey without going through the process of equivalence or recognition. It is the quest for excellence that made KIIT to stand tall under the stewardship of its excellent academicians as its Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Since knowledge plays a vital role in the globalised world, there has been a growing need for International Collaboration. Globalization has created both inter-related and inter-linked world generating opportunities and throwing up challenges.  Universities are now developing skills to cope up with these challenges. KIIT as a University has been working towards meaningful collaborations with prominent international institutes of repute. Besides being a member of various important educational bodies, associations, KIIT has signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) and established academic partnership with as many as 170 Universities across the world.  Educational and Research delegates from many countries including US, UK, Australia and Europe frequent KIIT. It is never an one way traffic, for several senior members from KIIT have been on the move to forge alliances with reputed Universities of the world. Under various academic exchange programmes, a number of teachers from the KIIT have gone to many Universities in Europe. Even many students have gone to European and American Universities for one or two semesters. Students from nearly 45 countries are now studying in various schools of KIIT. The presence of students from all parts of the world attests the global reputation of KIIT. Reputation and popularity of KIIT can be assessed from the large number of applications the University receives every year for admission into its various programmes. With the unique scholarship scheme introduced by KIIT, several students from Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin American countries have come to pursue higher studies in the University.

Like all previous years, KIIT is poised for nearly cent percent placement. Most of the students could find more than one job which proves that KIIT’s excellence. While one student got an offer of an astounding sum of Rs. 37 lakh, this year it is likely to up further. This speaks volumes about KIIT. While one student from Law School  got selected as a Louis Dreyfusweidenfeld Scholar to pursue her higher studies in Oxford, many students have been selected to do Ph.D. in top-notch Universities in Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Korea and Germany.

A University is known by its Research and Publications. Besides in-house publications by various schools, the researchers and faculty members of various schools regularly publish their research papers in reputed journals. In the last one year, faculty members and researchers have published nearly 600 research papers in peer reviewed journals. Over 400 research papers have been indexed in international database like Scopus. The publications have not been limited to the research papers alone as the faculty members also have authored more than 20 books and several chapters in other edited volumes last year. Various research projects sanctioned by national and international agencies are aptly handled by the researchers in KIIT.  Many researchers from various schools are going abroad on fellowship or to have joint works with the scientists. It is a matter of pride that faculty members of KIIT are now actively involved in more than hundred Research and Consultancy projects.  While speaking about the various research programmes, it can be said that KIIT as a University marching towards excellence has been organising lectures by Nobel Laureates at regular intervals. This year while Dr. Georg Bednorz, Nobel Laureate in Physics, delivered a lecture, Prof. Ada E. Yonath, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry (2009) delivered the 8th JBS Haldane Lecture at KIIT.

Conferences, seminars and workshops are the most important academic and research exercises of any University. KIIT organized the National Moot Court Competitions in which galaxy of legal luminaries including former Chief Justice of India, sitting Judges from various High Courts participated. The National Marketing Conclave, International Model United Nations, National Academy of Sciences session enhanced the brand KIIT. The University earned a unique distinction of implementing SAP in the campus by thus becoming one of the 97 top Universities of the world to simplify and digitize their schools. It is indeed a great contribution by any University towards the ‘Digital India’ initiative taken by the present government.

Sports today constitute a major yardstick to judge any University’s calibre in producing sport stars. KIIT takes the pride in sending the first ever woman participant from any university to be in the 100 meters running event at the Olympics. Dutee Chand, a student from KIIT represented India in the Rio Olympics – 2016.

Like any other University, KIIT, though gives emphasis on education, yet unlike all others, it gives much more attention towards the social values. It is, perhaps, the only University in the world to integrate formal education with social work. The humane face of KIIT is best illustrated through its protégé – Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), which provides food, accommodation, health care and education from Kindergarten to Post Graduation to 25,000 poorest of the poor underprivileged tribal children absolutely free. KISS as a unique experiment to eradicate poverty and to empower the underprivileged section of people through education, has been recognized all over the world. In the list of 500 top NGOs of the world, KISS found its berth being one of the ten best in India. The greatest recognition to this noble work however came from the United Nations which accorded Special Consultative Status to KISS. KISS thus became the only organization of any University in the world to achieve this feat.

It is indeed gratifying to note that while the Global Summits on Education in Norwegian capital  Oslo and another in Spanish capital Madrid attended by world leaders and University Chancellors, Rectors respectively stressed on quality education and urged to include “Universal Sustainable Development Goal” through education by 2030, KIIT, since its inception, realised  the hazards of half education, hence emphasized on providing holistic quality education, which is now being thought by world leaders. Madrid convention of the University Presidents, Chancellors discussed UPA (Universities for Poverty Alleviation), for they realized the responsibilities of the Universities which could work for poverty alleviation. The convention emphasized on what the University can do to eradicate poverty. It is a matter of great satisfaction that what the world think today, KIIT visualized it since its inception. Both the Oslo Summit and the Madrid Convention are two most important events which recognized the thought we started implementing 25 years ago. KIIT could not have asked for more satisfaction for its responsibilities as a University.

For the young graduates getting their Degrees in this Convocation, I would like to say that the world awaits you to know what steps will you choose. This is the time to discover your life’s destiny, so be adventurous, be spontaneous and dare to be different in the world. Live the dream, follow your heart and ‘view this moment as moving from a protected environment to an environment where you have to learn and listen because your whole world is going to be learning and listening. Your Success is going to be your humility.’ While forging ahead, please take a pause to look around. Never ever forget the millions looking at you with hope. Spare a thought for those, not as privileged as you, to have been graduated from an elite institution. You must thank your parents, who toiled so hard to make you what you are today. You must thank God for giving you the opportunity to be in a better place. Think about a child who has not been as fortunate as you are. Think about the parents of the poor. It is your responsibility to see the world which is as much his or hers as yours. As inheritors of a great Indian culture with great values for life and deep concern for human development, you must intensely aspire for deepening and broadening your knowledge, learn to experience the power within you and be guided by higher values which you believe in. The greatest satisfaction in life lies in giving something back to the society which gave you the scope to be what you are today. I have no doubt that each and every one of you will be very successful. However, make sure you do not forget the less fortunate. You need to bring the full power of your intelligence, wisdom and knowledge to improve the life of everyone on this earth. It is not impossible.

Today’s achievement may fade or even be forgotten. The applause and appreciation may become a distant memory. Your certificates and medals may gather dust on a shelf or displayed on the wall. But you always will be remembered for caring enough, for helping someone, for making someone feel  special and appreciated for being kind. I have no doubt that you will get the very best in life.

I wish all the Kiitians a great future ahead.

Prof. Achyuta Samanta
Founder, KIIT & KISS