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Student Achivements

KIIT student co-authors book – Sustainable Environment Management

Mr. Divyajit Das, student of M.Tech (Structural Engineering) co-authors a pioneering book named ‘Sustainable Environment Management’ on the contemporary issues of the smart city of Bhubaneswar. This unique book is a benign effort to portray Bhubaneswar in its essential spirit and color depicting predicament of pollution. It explains on the spate of advancement due to urbanization, influx of rural migrants and dis-arrayed development. It introspected the existing scenario of environment with new ideas and amiable solutions. It has inculcated ideas [...]

KIIT Law Students Repeat History, Win BCI National Moot Court Competition

KIIT team comprising of Mr. Saunak Rajguru (Speaker, Third Year), Ms. Somabha Bandopadhyay (Speaker, Fourth Year) and Mr. Mohit Rai (Researcher, Fourth Year) won the 33rd Bar Council of India National Moot Court Competition, held at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad on April 2, 2017. BCI’s All India Inter University Moot Court Competition is the most prestigious and awaited national level students’ academic event of its kind, attracting participation from all reputed law institutions, including National Law Schools, across the country. [...]

KIIT team qualifies Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz

More than 1,000 participants from 35 institutions participated in the qualifying round of the Sweden India Nobel Memorial Quiz 2016 held on 28th September 2016. The team of Alankar Devta, Siddharth Mishra & Sharzab Al Haque, KIIT University clinched the first position in the qualifying round. The Winners will represent Bhubaneswar at the National Finals scheduled to be held at New Delhi on October 7. A total of 106 teams participated in the qualifying ground.

KIIT Girl Sprints into Rio Olympics Qualification

Ace sprinter from KIIT University Dutee Chand achieved the coveted spot for Rio 2016 Olympics in the women’s 100m event after meeting the qualification mark at the 26th G. Kosanov Memorial Meet in Almaty, Kazakhstan on June 25, 2016. In a scintillating run in the women’s 100m heats, Dutee beat the Rio Olympics qualification mark of 11.32 seconds by 0.02 seconds. In the process, she bettered her own national record of 11.33 seconds set in National Federation Cup earlier this year. [...]

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KIITians design Electric Bike

‘Electric Bike’ has been conceptualized by KIIT Automotive Society. The project aims to build a 125-150 cc engine capacity motorcycle, meant for urban use or use in short distance transport. The motorcycle will be converted to provide maximum efficiency on its limited battery, provide speeds of approximately 50 kilometres per hour. It is meant to be a new concept for cheap production and efficient running. The motorcycle involves an average 70V power supply to a PMDC motor along with an [...]

KIITians design Solar Rickshaw

‘Solar Rickshaw’ is one of the many endeavors to create an eco-friendly ambience around KIIT University's 17 campuses spread over 25 sq. km area. The project is a technology-business initiative to be implemented across the campus network to enable mobility, while keeping costs and carbons low. Drawing power from the sun, the batteries charge themselves while waiting for students or visitors to take a ride. The in-wheel motor can pull a payload of 250 kilograms on average slope for considerable [...]

KIITians design economic, eco-friendly electric vehicle

Four students of engineering stream of KIIT University have developed a three-wheel rechargeable (battery operated) vehicle at a cost of Rs. 1 lakh. The vehicle, conceptualized by KIIT Automotive Society, can be customized for different requirements. It has been developed completely in-house with the use of KIIT infrastructure. For the first time it was exhibited in the science expo at 99th Indian Science Congress. Dipam Chaterjee, Harsh Shyam, Akhilesh Devangam of Mechanical Engineering and Pratik Patnaik of Electric Engineering have [...]

I Systems: KIIT Students

The first version of I-systems, called I-waiter 1.0, is capable of dispensing water bottles when desired. This version can be used in concert, formal gathering, official meeting and all other organized places. Another version for this is the I-secretary. This system is capable of working in an office providing office stationary, reading predefined memos, etc. Yet more interesting version for I-system comes from the idea of the guides, who accompany tourists, giving out information about the place and event. So does [...]

Detection of Faults in Pipes by KIIT Students

A team of students belonging to SME have designed a project which deals with the investigation of cracks in a thin cylinder with the aid of an electromagnet and strain gauge. For this, a closed thin cylinder was designed and fabricated to take the shape of a pressure vessel. The closed cylinder was then equipped with valve that allows unidirectional flow of fluid (that is air in this case). Air is given to the cylinder with the help of a foot pump. The [...]

HHO: KIIT Students

HHO is a move away from fossil fuels. Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth. Thus, it is not an energy source, but an energy carrier. However, it can be produced from a wide range of sources. A team of students belonging to SME used water as the source. Main aim of the project is to develop a vehicle which runs on water. The whole process comprises of few steps. Production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water Controlled combustion of [...]

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