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2023 Highlights

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Placement is one of the advantages that KIIT offers since its inception .It has an impeccable record in campus placement. KIIT has always been much favored talent hunting ground for corporate world as it delivers industry-ready students. A well organized placement team streamlines the recruitment process and students get the jobs of their choice.

Placements at KIIT

  1. 450+ Companies visited
    5200+ Job offers
    63 Lakhs highest package
  2. 400+ Companies visited
    5000+ Job offers
    52 Lakhs highest package
  3. 300+ Companies visited
    5000+ Job offers
    30 Lakhs highest package
  4. 195 Companies visited
    4379+ Job offers
    30 Lakhs highest package
  5. 220 Companies visited
    4200+ Job offers
    39 Lakhs highest package
  6. 140 Companies visited
    2500+ Job offers
    39 Lakhs highest package
  7. 140 Companies visited
    2800+ Job offers
    26 Lakhs highest package
  8. 114 Companies visited
    4777+ Job offers
    33 Lakhs highest package
  9. 100+ Companies visited
    2500 Job offers
    37 Lakhs highest package
  10. 197 Companies visited
    2164 Job offers
    23 Lakhs highest package

KIIT-Kareer School

KIIT has a dedicated Career School that takes care of the holistic development of the students for Placement Training and also takes care of shaping careers post their graduation by training them for higher studies.