COVID Guidelines for Students, Staff Members

General introduction

COVID pandemic and subsequent recently emergence of omicron virus has posed significant challenges for continuing normal life style in all fronts including the campus life of any educational institute. Keeping in view of this and continuing the education hybrid mode with students, staff and faculty members in the campus, KIIT is gearing up to get back to routines with all academic, extra & co curricular activities with following COVID guidelines strictly.

KIIT has prepared in principle a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) inside university campus in consonance with the directions/guidelines issued by the Central/State Governments and other relevant agencies UGC/AICTE.

The SOPs are subject to change based on the revised guidelines issued by Government and relevant agencies on time to time basis.

SOP for Generic Preventive Measures
The following common guidelines are to be followed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 by all (faculty members, employees, students and visitors) in these places at all times:

  1. Staff, students, visitors with final vaccination certificate can only be allowed inside the campus.
  2. It is mandatory for all students and staff members to wear university ID card in display mode and they have to show it on demand at any place(s) inside the campus.
  3. Students having symptoms of cold, cough, fever or COVID are not allowed to attend the class, lab, seminar, library or any gathering. (Annexure-1-Diagnosis at Campus)
  4. It is mandatory for all students to submit RTPCR Test Report in the 1st week of every month in the School/Hostel office.
  5. Use of Masks / Face Cover is mandatory inside the Campus.
  6. Physical Distancing as appropriate to be followed.
  7. Use of ‘Hand Sanitizer’ and ‘Thermal Scanning’ before entering any premises (Hostel / Academic Building)
  8. Respiratory etiquette to be strictly followed. This involves strict practice of covering one’s mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing of used tissues properly in the close trash bin.
  9. Use of tobacco, cigarette, alcohol and spitting is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  10. No outside food is allowed inside the Campus.
  11. ‘COVID Appropriate Behavior’ as per the advisories/guidelines issued by Central Govt./State Govt. and University from time to time should be followed.
  12. Use of Aarogya Setu App and keeping it active at all times is advised for all students and staff members. (through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)

Safety Measures in Hostels

  1. The Students has to do the RT-PCR Test on arrival at Bhubaneswar and submit it to the hostel authority.
    • If found positive, they have to opt. for quarantine till recovered from all symtoms and submit the -ve report before the joining in the hostel.
    • A University Covid-19 Point of Contact (POC) will operate to cater the requirements relating to COVID Patient Care.
      1. [email protected]
      2. Phone No- 8114377685 (Boys Hostel)
        8114379369 (Girls Hostel)
    • The students can mail or contact the POC if they have any symptoms during their stay. All information related to close contact & general area visited to be intimated.
  2. Students reporting at the hostel should remain in quarantine for a period of 7 days before resuming their regular academic activities. For the international students, the quarantine period is 14 days.
  3. Residents have to sanitize their hands at the facilities available at hostel entrance before entering hostel premises.
  4. Day scholars and non-resident students are not permitted to enter the hostel premises.
  5. Hostel residents should restrict themselves to their rooms and avoid going to others room as well as not to allow others to enter their room.
  6. The entry of visitors is restricted in academic/hostel premises. If allowed then they have to wait in the designated place identified by the respective Hostel/School authority. Complete contact details of the visitors to be maintained along with the names of persons whom s/he meets.
  7. Use of tobacco, cigarette, alcohol, outside foods and spitting is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  8. Residents are required to maintain adequate physical distance and follow queue system in the Mess.
  9. Residents are required to contact hostel authority (hostel office) in case of any symptoms of cold, fever, body pain, nausea, COVID for necessary doctor consultation and medical investigation. (* Annexure-1-Diagnosis at Campus)
  10. Residents with any symptoms of cold, cough, fever or COVID will be in isolation as per the provision made by the hostel authority.
  11. Residents are advised to consult their mentor, hostel authority for any illness or getting the service of the counselor about their anxiety, stress or fear (if any).
  12. Residents are not allowed to leave the hostel premises other than attending academic activities. They must cooperate with the hostel staff and other security personal in this regard.

Guidelines for the Examinations

  • Examinations will be conducted in both offline and online mode.
  • Students opting for offline classes and/or staying in the campus have to appear the Examination in offline mode.
  • No student will be allowed to opt for ONLINE Examinations while staying in the hostel.

Guidelines for Using Mask/Face Cover

  • Use the mask that have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric (N-95 masks are advised)
  • Mask should cover nose, mouth and chin
  • Fabric mask may be reused after every wash and medical mask to be disposed in the designated closed trash bin after every single use.
  • Never use mask with valves
  • Fit snugly against the sides of your face and ensure for no gaps on either side of the mask.
  • Use disposable tissue when sneezing or coughing and put it in the designated closed trash bin after each use with sanitizing both hands properly.
  • Avoid touching the mask frequently and not allow the mask hang from the neck.
  • Face shield can be used as an additional protection along with a regular mask. It should cover the forehead, extends below the chin, and wraps around the side of the face.
  • It is a good practice to keep good quality personal hand sanitizer and sanitizing every hour when in the class/labs/library/office etc.
  • Students may prefer to wear the recommended hand gloves.

Guidelines on Physical Distancing

  • Everyone in the campus has to maintain physical distancing strictly.
  • Students and staff members have to sanitize their hands and maintain 2-3 feet physical distance while entering and using the lift.
  • It is recommended to use the staircase with appropriate physical distancing, whenever possible.
  • At least 3 feet physical distancing is required to be maintained by the students in the campus during the utilization of library services / canteen services.
  • Everyone has to maintain physical distance while waiting in a queue in public places such as bank, post office, food court etc.
  • In class rooms, laboratory, a minimum of 6 feet distance to be maintained between teacher and the first row students.
  • No shake hands or an exchange physical greeting is allowed as a preventive measure.
  • Students may visit their respective School/Department/Cell in a small number for consultation with the faculty members, after seeking prior appointments to avoid crowding, while maintaining physical distancing norms and other safety protocols.
  • Gathering of any form not allowed till further notice.

Annexure – 1