The Learning Development Center

The Learning Development Center has been established with the aim to provide all time support to its students, scholars and faculty members for all round academic development.

Major Initiatives:

  • Integrating the University SAP based ERP system with different learning management systems, online examination and video conferencing platforms for smooth conduct of online classes and examinations during the Pandemic.
  • The ICT features associated with class delivery are powered by AI based plug-ins to monitor, track and predict student outcomes and cognitive skill levels.
  • Animations, online demonstrations and skill adaptive learning activities through automated recommender systems as new features in the teaching-learning process.

Different other services and activities of the learning development center involve:

  • Preparation of e-learning materials for students from different disciplines across the world.
  • Preparation of specialized courses related to the COVID-19 Pandemic for general public.
    • COVID awareness and protection.
    • COVID care.
    • COVID awareness for hostellers.
    • Health and stress management.
  • Workshops for patent and research project applications to scientific organizations.
  • Engaging in collaboration with top ranking Universities for academic exchange and research networking.
  • Organizing certification programs for teaching and laboratory assistants.
  • Organizing bridge courses for students from indigenous communities and other countries to facilitate their learning.
  • Specialized counseling sessions for students with one to one interaction.
  • Promoting peer learning and introducing flipped classroom courses.
  • Guidance in preparation and application for higher studies.
  • Guidance in preparation for Civil Services in the country.
  • Certification programs for tribal communities associated with vocational training entrepreneurship and marketing of forest products.
  • Workshops on entrepreneurship strategies, leadership, marketing and entrepreneurship opportunities in the state of Odisha and India.

The learning development center has faculty representatives from different departments and Schools as contact persons to whom their faculty-members and students can approach for availing the services and support of the center.

Students and faculty members can also write to [email protected] and they will be contacted separately through their faculty representatives.

Executive Development Programs