Student Counselling Cell

Counselling Cell
In the field of education, it has become imperative for students of today to upgrade their social and inter-personal skills besides seeking support to manage their psychological issues.

Key Functionality

  1. Assistance for self-direction and self-realisation
  2. Crisis management
  3. Building self-esteem
  4. Improving personal effectiveness
  5. Improving communication skills
  6. Stimulating healthy, normal development
  7. Building an appropriate emotional repertoire

Counselling is a guidance programme intended for students in different situations for different services in the areas of career and attaining overall competency. KIIT Counselling Cell imparts guidance to the students in advancing their career and at the same time making them psychologically strong to handle the stresses of a successful career.

We at KIIT offer solution-focused and student-centered approach.


  • To guide the students in areas of Academic and Profession.
  • To give the students information on matters important to success.
  • To get information about students that will be of help in solving their problems.
  • To bridge the gap between management and students thereby constructing a smooth channel for a better understanding of issues.
  • To help the students work out a plan for solving their difficulties.
  • To help the students know themselves better- their interests, abilities, aptitudes  and opportunities.
  • To encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes.
  • To inspire successful endeavour towards attainment.
  • To assist the students in planning for educational and vocational choices.



  1. One-on-one Meeting – The counsellor and the counsel will meet according to a fixed schedule or anytime in emergency situations and discuss issues.Group Meet
  2. ing – Group meeting brings the counsellor and a group of students to discuss unexplored and important issues. Discussion in groups enables students to learn about diverse areas and appreciate each other thus paving way for exposure in a broader sense.
  3. Specific Issues – The KIIT Counselling Cell will facilitate the panacea for specific issues by arranging expert consultation on career or any psychological issues.


The framework of KIIT University Counselling cell comprises of:

  1. KIIT COUNSELLING CELL: responsible for the setting up and the coordination of the activities of KIIT University Counselling Services.
  2.  FACULTY COUNSELORS: They will be responsible for active involvement with the students and identify issues among the students and facilitate early resolution.
  3. STUDENT COORDINATORS: They will put forward the issues from the perspective of the students. They will ensure participation of the students in the processes voluntarily. Working as gatekeepers, they can identify problems in students and suggest them to take the help of the Counselling Services whenever needed.


The KIIT university has a committee comprising of the following:–

Dr Sucheta Priyabadini, Director Counselling (Overall Coordinator)

Dr Pranab Mohapatra, Psychiatrist, KIMS (focus on emotional well being and motivational interaction with the students)

Those who want personal consultation, same will be available through Faculty Counselors. Any problem that needs to be addressed specifically will be referred to experts on the issue concerned.

The Cell has formulated a set of objectives and activities to make it effective and operational. We would like to share this information and receive your opinions for strengthening the counseling activities. In this context I am forwarding a schedule for various schools (you may suggest time suitable to your convenience). Prior to this, we are expecting views from Directors/Deans, Associate Deans. It is a request to nominate two/three Faculty in charge Students Affair, Tutor mentors and three to four students based on their communication skills and interpersonal skills in the meantime.

The Cell with support from the Schools will arrange periodic counseling as per the Schedule mentioned below–

Days Time (11.00am-1.00pm) Time (4.00pm-6.00pm)
Monday School of Comp.Application School Fashion/Film/Mass Com./KINS
Tuesday School of Law School Biotechnology
Wednesday School of Computer Engineering School of Architecture/School of Rural management/KIDS
Thursday School of Electrical Engineering/ School of Civil Engineering. School of Management
Friday School of Electronics Engineering. School of Mechanical Engineering/Institute of Public Health
Saturday KIMS

Counseling Form

Contact Person : Trupti Mohanty, +91 943 727 8118

Prof Shradha Padhi, Asso.Professor KSOM(focus on students self awareness and build defense mechanism using various tools).

Schools Faculty in Charge Contact Mail ID
School of Electrical Prof [email protected]
School of Management Prof Shradha Padhi [email protected]
School of Law Prof [email protected]
School of Computer Engineering. Prof Bindu Agarwalla [email protected]