Sensitization sessions reflecting the need for nurturing creativity and bringing positive thought process in students, are held by visiting various schools based on a predetermined school wise schedule. Students may have a long-standing problem or an immediate concern which they would need to deal or they may be encountering fresh challenges in KIIT– perhaps struggling to establish identity, to make relationships or to cope with academic expectations. At times the problem may be specific and well-defined or it may just be a vague feeling that things are not alright. Counseling Service supports the students in arriving at a solution regardless of the nature of the challenge.

In case of complaints against students for substance abuse, interactions are held with the students by a multi-disciplinary committee, namely, SARC which includes medical professionals as well. These meetings are held twice a month and parents and respective tutor-mentors are associated, wherever necessary.

Another multidisciplinary student counseling committee was constituted this year, to manage the psychological issues of the students along with providing inputs from different perspectives, to upgrade their social and interpersonal skills.