During the pandemic, a new initiative was launched to interact with the parents of the students, based on a preplanned schedule. Parents showed a great deal of interest in these sessions as they had a platform to seek clarification first hand on matters relating to academic issues, hostel, classes, and how to take care of mental and physical well being of the wards staying at home.

The Counseling cell also interacts with the foreign Universities/Institutions with a view to explore openings for KIIT students aspiring to visit abroad to pursue higher studies, research, internship and exchange program.

Counseling has been integrated with the KIIT website as a hyper-link. The website contains besides domain inputs, updates on activities of counseling cell and school wise schedule of counseling planned by the counseling cell in consultation with the Directors/Deans of the schools.

After following a series of counseling sessions and follow up (involving tutor-mentors), there is a mechanism of feedback to monitor the progress. Records are maintained of critical students whose counseling progress needs to be closely monitored.