ICT services supports the University and all group of institutes in achieving their mission. A dedicated ICT CELL has been set up to provide a wide range of IT services to facilitate the works of staffs, students and faculties .It  has the expertise to provide professional  services and consultancy as needed, provides comprehensive training and advice to staff and students. ICT CELL is innovate in applying new as well as existing technology to enhance various activities of the University . Being responsive to the University’s requirements in diversity, the ICT CELL provides leadership & partnership to promote effective use and development of ICT facilities across the University. It is key infrastructure provider for strategic change .

Apart from providing high – quality , robust and secured services , it also develops ICT skills through teaching , training and support.

Staff of ICT cell have many years of IT industry experience as well as specialized expertise. They are aware of the innovations in the industry .By setting up strong and sustainable technology partnerships, the ICT CELL forms a Leadership competence team and also exploits the innovative potential of major Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM)across IT industry.


Tailor -made  Data Center has been set up for  University users. ICT CELL facilities integrate all the necessary resources and competences together in a goal-oriented manner for reliability of the Data Center. It has put in place the next generation Hybrid Data Center with strong IT service Operation Management process automation and service support which pulls best practices gained from the ITIL framework.


Data center joins with the power of cloud and virtualization technologies to meet demands of University growth and provides superior digital experience to maintain up-time and users satisfaction. The approach considers several process and functions related to complete Data Center Operational Management which includes:

Data Center Operations Technology Refresh
Technical Infrastructure Support & Management

HVAC, security, operations, and administration.

Platform Migration with Flexibility, scalability, reliability and space management
Database Administration & Consolidation Cloud Readiness
Storage & Backup Management Cloud Migration
Facilities Management Hybrid Cloud Management
Converged & Hyper Converged Infrastructure Enable rapid deployment of new and emerging technologies such as 10 GbE and 10+ GbE copper and fiber applications.


ICT cell provides online learning environments  for students, faculty members and staff .It provides everyone in the University  with access to an extensive IT Training program and the skill needed  for work, study/research or employability. It provides the tools needed for widening engagement, giving the University a stronger digital presence that allows it to share knowledge and build partnership with the global research and teaching community, the public and local community.


The ICTCELL provides support of IT equipments needed for running the University’s day to day affairs as follows-:

ERP (SAP) Physical Blade, Rack, Tower & Virtualized Servers
Cloud mail system,Google Classroom SAAS
LAN (Optical Fiber 10/1G, Copper 10G/1G) Wi-fi (IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11ac)
Laptops (Convertible with touch screen) along with Services HTTP Caching Solution
Desktops & Workstations Online  UPS
IT security Surveillance
Online Cloud-based customer service software Digital Library & IP based online Journals


The ICT CELL supports students ‘ ICT needs from issuing Laptop to Wi-fi, Cloud based email services and SAAS etc. Our helpdesk provides students technical support and advice as & when needed.


ICT CELL provides the basic infrastructure for network connections (LAN & WI-FI) and internet access, cloud based email with SAAS office software, multimedia supported classroom, surveillance & other activities as well as technical support.



The ICT CELL develops and implements the policies, governance strategies required for ICT across the University.

Contact ICT CELL:

Email:  [email protected]