Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  1. Development of an dynamic governance system for implementation of equality along with diversity and inclusion in the campus.
  2. Conduct of audits to check the accountability of the strategies followed for equality, diversity and inclusion and analysis of gaps found.
  3. Review of implementation of existing policies and its progress
  4. Formulating customized policies and regulations for maintaining equality, diversity and inclusion and monitoring its effective implementation.
  5. Re-dressal of grievances related to inequalities due to caste, creed, race, gender or disability.

Committee Members

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee has been constituted with following members:


Prof. Sasmita Samanta
Pro Vice Chancellor


Prof. P. K. Sarkar
Professor, KIIT Law School

Prof. Damodar Jena
Assoc. Professor., KIIT School of Rural Management

Prof. J. R. Gochhayat
Asst. Professor, KSH

Prof. T. Rouchoudhury
Asst. Professor, School of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sradhanjali Nayak
Director, Public Relation

Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini
Director, SC

Student Representative

Mr. Asuthosh Verma
1802294, B.Tech

Ms. Shivangi Gupta
1780110, MBBS

Member Secretary

Prof A.Deb
Assoc. Professor, SEE