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Industry 4.0 brought in digitization which integrated technology into all the areas of business operations and impacted the deliverables to customers. This digital transformation permeated into all the business models with the key drivers comprising profitability, collaboration across departments and process optimization. Thus, such path-breaking transformations make flexibility an imperative in work and the workforce.

Businesses require strategic planning based on evidence/data which has become the mainstay of the digital world. This agile liquid enterprise evidenced in organizations today depend on leaders taking new directions and constantly experimenting with ideas and strategies to build viable business. Leaders of these enterprises are more likely to succeed than those who insist on holding steadfast to realities that succeeded in the past.

Flexible working conditions have undergone a paradigm change demanding trust in people’s competencies as well as in digital infrastructure. The present times mandate not only a prepared and an agile organizational design, but also a resilient workforce. Revolutionary changes in industrial structure and customer expectations have given rise to the need for equally pronounced changes in business strategies and operational models, to attain competitive edge. Every functioning entity has come to realize that speed to adapt matters.

With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, organizations have been coerced to envisage newer, leaner and sustainable methods of conducting their business. Future has arrived faster than anticipated as most companies have shifted to remote working style and most activities are being carried out on digital platforms.

Taking this as the trigger, the proposed International Management Conference, wishes to focus on the issues and lessons learnt during pandemic hardship, and the research thinking/ opportunities aimed at post-COVID era.

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