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Pioneering research is being carried out by the researchers, scientists and engineers working in the area of Thermofluids. Thermofluids is the holistic study of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and combustion. This area aims to achieve a carbon neutral world.

We are facing an unprecedented situation since year 2020. However, advancement of manufacturing technology have enabled us to scale up the production and transportation of medicine, vaccine and medical equipment in pandemic hit post COVID19 world.  In future we need divergent ideas of sustainable growth to meet. KIIT ICTMS 2022 will be a platform to showcase the innovative ideas, theoretical and experimental research and innovation to the world.

KIIT ICTMS 2022 also offers excellent opportunities for the participants to forge research relations alongside finding partners for future collaborations. The conference has invited eminent speakers from industry and academia for said purpose. Given the challenges pertaining to Thermofluids and Manufacturing science that the industry is currently faced with, a combined effort involving and transcending thermal and manufacturing science is essential. Papers are invited on the following topics to be addressed (but not limited to) in accordance with the theme of the conference:

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