School of Public Health was established in with a mission to develop competent public health workforce and setting standards in various domains of public health; inculcate interventional approaches to public health research and technology; and strengthen knowledge based application and evidence informed public health practice and policy. In order to pursue this mission, the School is engaged in producing knowledge through research, higher education, and translates knowledge into evidence that can be communicated to the public, policy makers and practitioners to advance the health of population.

The School is mandated to provide student centric and world class quality teaching for the fresher and inservice candidates; undertake evidence based research; and facilitate service provision to the community through local, national and international collaboration. Its academic programmes are aimed at preparing the next generation of public health professionals, managers, hospital administrators, health policy makers, public health practitioners, research leaders and academicians. A career in public health opens the door to diverse and challenging opportunity in a variety of sectors like Government, private, corporate, industry and international agencies. A career in hospital administration opens the door to challenging opportunities in private, corporate and government hospitals, health insurance companies and hospital consultancy agencies.