National Seminar on Open Source Movement: What Next

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Open Source Initiative: What Next

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) was instrumental in the formalization of the open-source movement. In February 1998, the open-source movement was adopted, formalized, and spearheaded by the Open Source Initiative (OSI), an organization formed to market software “as something more amenable to commercial business use. The software developments that have come out of the open-source movement have not been unique to the computer-science field, but they have been successful in developing alternatives to proprietary software. Members of the open-source community improve upon code and write programs that can rival much of the Proprietary software that is already available. The purpose behind the open source movement is to promote business, economics and free and easy access of information resources to academics. Keeping the objectives in mind this national seminar sets its theme, “Open Source Movement: What Next”. The goal of the seminar is to provide a glimpse of future scenario of information management, acquisition, preservation and control in regard to the latest trends and future dimensions of open access movement. It is a million dollar question how library and information scientists will transcend to the next higher level embracing the platform of open access moment. What could be the next developments and explorations to get ocean of information to the finger tips of each information seeker, teacher, student, and research scholar? This burning theme is the need of the hour and a topic that stimulates debates and discussions. The seminar intends to have insightful deliberations from the experts in the field of LIS, renowned academicians and veteran library scientists for the greater benefits of library professionals working in different institutions across the country.