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Workshop on Physical Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Processing of Materials

Scope of GUWI 2023

GUWI 2023 will have expert talk, presentation on 16th and 17th March and host a hands-on workshop on 17th & 18th March, 2023 for current and new users. The industry participants are also invited to submit short case studies on their R&D activities that will be of immense benefit to the researchers in the field.

Participants from academia, R&D organizations and industries are invited to submit extended abstracts (maximum 2 pages) on the given themes.

Aims & Scope

In the current global climate, strict product performance criteria have led to an unprecedented focus on novel alloy compositions and technical advances that promote efficiency, affordability, and environmental friendliness. The process and microstructural designs of next generation alloys become the top priority for research and development, opening up a number of new application areas in industries like aerospace, automotive, line pipes, and earthquake resistant constructions etc. The design and development of high performance alloys heavily rely on the thermo-mechanical processing and treatment of the alloy. As a result, physical process simulation emerges as a crucial tool for improving microstructural comprehension and making helpful predictions about the resulting process-structure property correlations. The simulated physical behavior of materials processing entails exact laboratory replication of the thermal and/or mechanical processes that the material is really exposed to during full-scale production operations or end use. Gleeble produced by Dynamic Systems Inc., USA has demonstrated to be excellent equipment for investigating the thermo-mechanical processing of metals and alloys in a laboratory setting. The Gleeble User Forum India (GUFI) and Gleeble User Workshop India (GUWI) offer a single forum for academia, R & D organisations, and industrial enterprises to exchange new results/findings and update the present knowledge/understanding in the field of thermo-mechanical processing and simulation.

The eastern belt of India is emerging as a major manufacturing hub for sectors ranging from mines, minerals, automotive and petro chemical. By keeping this in vision the central research facility at Kalinga institute of Industrial technology has set up a state-of-art thermo-mechanical physical simulator in Nov 2021. The main objective of this workshop is to showcase the capabilities of our Gleeble facility to the research community, practitioners and manufacturer whose works are in the field of understanding and solving real world materials and processing problems.

Another objective is to bring the national/international experts, industries, academia, research scholars, users and students on a common platform for sharing, learning and updating the most recent developments in the field of thermo-mechanical processing of metals and alloys which will enhance our capabilities in collaborating and consulting with other organizations, national laboratoty and  R & D establishments.

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