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AICTE Training & Learning Academy (ATAL Academy) facilitates through trainings and workshops to up-grade the knowledge and skills of faculty members of AICTE approved Institutions, Research Scholars, PG Scholars, Participants from Govt, Industry and staff of host institution.


This FDP aims to provide scholars, academic professionals, researchers, and industry personnels with a comprehensive understanding of how MCDM techniques can be applied to evaluate and enhance the sustainability and resilience of data-driven supply chains. The participants will be introduced to the concepts of data-driven supply chain management, including the role of big data, analytics, and digital technologies in optimizing supply chain operations. Also, the importance of sustainability and resilience in modern supply chains will be highlighted and role of MCDM techniques will be explored in evaluating and prioritizing sustainability and resilience measures.

This FDP will Illustrate real-world applications of MCDM techniques in supply chain decision-making and show how these techniques can be used to optimize supplier selection, distribution network design, inventory management, risk assessment, and more. Further, it will discuss the integration of data sources and analytics with MCDM techniques and showcases how data-driven insights can enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of decision-making in supply chains.

Finally, By the end of the program, participants should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to integrate MCDM techniques and data-driven approaches effectively into their teaching, research, and professional activities related to supply chain management, sustainability, and resilience.