Eighth International Conference on Electroactive Polymers (ICEP-2024)

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Electron and ion-conducting polymers have attracted much attention of scientists and technologists since the last few decades owing to their applications in devices including energy storage devices, sensors and display devices. The International Conference on Electroactive Polymers is a biennial conference which provides a common platform to scientists/technologists working in various sub-disciplines of the fast expanding field of electroactive polymers.

The first Conference on Electroactive Polymers (ICEP-2004) was organized at Dalhousie, the second Conference (ICEP-2007) was held at Goa, the third Conference (ICEP-2008) was at Jaipur, the fourth Conference (ICEP-2010) was at Surajkund, the fifth Conference (ICEP-2012) was held in Varanasi, the Sixth conference (ICEP-2017) was held at Kharagpur while the seventh Conference (ICEP-2019) was organized in Udaipur. These conferences helped the participating scientists in developing a greater mutual appreciation of related disciplines apart from the state-of-art exposure in the areas of direct interest of different participants. These interactions also helped in the evolution of inter- disciplinary & inter-institutional collaborative programmes.

The eighth conference in this series (ICEP-2024) is to be held in KIIT, Bhubaneswar from February 4-8, 2024.

Topics related to electroactive polymeric materials and devices broadly covering the following areas will be discussed in this conference as Plenary (PL), Invited (I),
Contributed Oral &  Poster (O &  P) presentations:

  • Electron conducting polymers
  • Ion conducting polymers
  • Ferroelectric and ferromagnetic polymers
  • Liquid crystalline polymers
  • Biopolymers and bio-compatible composites
  • Polymer-nano composites

Special sessions for “Young Scientist” oral presentations have also been included in the programme. Best presentation awards both oral and poster will be given to encourage young researchers in this area.