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Outbound Students

Outbound (exchange) students are students from KIIT University (the home institution) going to another university (a host institution) to pursue a semester exchange, study abroad or short-term programs as per the collaboration agreement between the two universities.

KIIT University aim towards bridging students’ aspirations for quality international exposure through available world-class opportunities for studying abroad, the Office of International Affairs & Global Initiatives has been lending the required support to the students in the form of study abroad advice and counselling session in their pursuits of higher education and career, respectively. Study abroad advisors are available on regular basis for the students in international office to avail one on one guidance on their international higher education pursuits. Our study abroad advisors wish to help you in the following ways and more-

  • Most suitable study-abroad programme
  • Best university to study from
  • Flexible & diverse structure of programme abroad
  • Tuition and living expenses

The aim of the counselling session is to help students narrow down on their areas of interest and accordingly help them choose the country and university for their studies. In our pursuit to offer a seamless study abroad transition to our students we also gather feedback based on student experience and use it to alter our existing partnerships is a meaningful way.

Inbound Students

The international relations office also assists inbound students arriving at KIIT to pursue their higher education in various forms. Inbound (exchange) students are the students from another university (referred as home institution) coming to KIIT (referred as host institution) as part of the collaboration agreement between the two universities.

If you are an international student joining KIIT University’s diverse community, the international relations office is here to guide you through the process of preparing for your arrival in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and settling into KIIT’s environment. Before making your arrival plans, obtain your place at KIIT by accepting the study offer, and ensure that you make necessary arrangements for paying your tuition fees for smooth processing of your arrival at KIIT.

We suggest you apply for your study visa as early as possible to ensure that your travel schedule is not hindered by any delays in your visa.

International Student at KIIT

Apply for your Visa

Allow a minimum of 12 weeks (or longer) to get your study visa, especially during peak periods when there is high demand (due to many students applying) or during the holiday season when the embassies and consulates will be closed. Apply as soon as possible, do write to us for any supporting documents you need from KIIT.

Prepare your documents

Ensure that all your documents are up-to-date before travelling to India, pay special attention to your:


Make certain that:

  1. it is valid for the full length of your stay in India
  2. your name in the passport is the same as your supporting documents from KIIT


Be sure to check it covers the full duration of your program of study, if not consult the Indian Embassy or Consulate immediately before travelling to India.

On arrival, at the Immigration and customs, you might be asked copies of documents to verify your visa and immigration status. Ensure that you carry copies of the supporting documents in your hand luggage for a quick and hassle-free on arrival experience in India.

Pre-Arrival Information


KIIT University is a residential university, all students will be provided accommodation on campus. The accommodation for male and female students are different and each follow international norms. To find out more about housing on campus, visit: Hostel links

Medical Aid cover

Ensure that you have medical aid cover as it is mandatory for a study visa and entry into India. It should cover you for the full duration of your study in India. Always keep your medical aid cover details with you. Kindly carry your immunization record/Vaccination records. For any medical support or emergency students visit to KIMS (page link).

Visas and immigration service

KIIT University is a residential university, all students will be provided accommodation on campus. The accommodation for male and female students are different and each follow international norms. To find out more about housing on campus, visit: Hostel links

Applying to India for a study visa

As student visa application processes can sometimes take up to 3 months or longer, especially during busy times when a lot of students apply. Ensure that you apply for your visa as early as possible.

Students travelling on any other form of visa apart from study visa to India are not eligible to study or register at KIIT. Ensure you apply in advance for your visas that covers the full duration of your study.

Applying for an Indian Study Visa

You need to apply for your study visa from the Indian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in your home country or your country of residence. The Ministry of External Affairs lists the Indian missions by country. Make sure all your documents are original and where the requirements do allow for photocopies, they should be certified copies of the original.

Check your study visa

When you get back your passport from the consulate/embassy/VFS, carefully check your visa regarding-

  1. Your full name appears same as that on your passport, ensure the right spelling.
  2. Your visa is to study at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT).
  3. The duration of your visa should be valid from the date of registration of the program and expire only after the end date of your study at KIIT.

Visa Support – international

To request for any kind of letters of support for your visa application, kindly write to us at [email protected]

Campus life at KIIT -

Life @ KIIT

From helping you since the time of your arrival to discovering KIIT, our office is here to assist you to settle into KIIT.

On Arrival at the airport

Kindly submit your flight information to our office beforehand so that we can arrange your transport from the airport to KIIT University.

Biju Pattnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar capital city is 30minutes away from KIIT Campus.


India’s currency is the Rupee (INR), you can exchange your currency for the Rupee on arrival at the airport. Alternatively, the local banks also offer foreign currency exchange services.

Ensure that your credit/debit card is enabled for international transactions. Many international students also prefer to open an Indian bank account for smooth transactions for their bills/expenses to avoid additional international bank charges. You can open a student account in one of the Indian banks once you arrive and register at KIIT as a student on your study visa. KIIT International relations offers support for student sim cards, FRRO registrations, opening of bank accounts to avail these services please keep your passport & student ID card at your disposal.