Centres of Excellence

  1. Center of Excellence for Sustainability and Equity
    1. Working towards awareness of different SDGs, collaboration with National, International Government, NGOs and corporate to frame policies and decide on plan of action to meet the goals.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG17
  2. IBM Center of Excellence
    1. Working towards development of software solutions related to student projects, and conducting training programs for students of the region for providing hands on trainings related to coding required in the IT industry thereby augmenting their employability.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4, 10
  3. SAP Center of Excellence
    1. Automation of University tasks , collection and analysis of data related to Finance , material management, human resource and student lifecycle as a part of University innovation; providing training on Business Integration and ABAP (open to all) to create awareness and impart skills on automations performed through SAP. This is again expected to augment the employability skills of the participants leading to reduced inequality.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4,9,10
  4. IoT Center of Excellence
    1. Application of IoT in integration of data and services that will lead to sustainable cities and infrastructure development; training provided to students (open to all) impart basic fundamentals of IoT with capstone projects
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4,11
  5. NI Center of Excellence
    1. Training to students on the basic and advanced knowledge of National Instruments’ LabVIEW software and peripheral systems to carry out quality projects in cutting edge areas in industry.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  6. Interdisciplinary Center of Energy with special reference to Renewable Energy
    1. Projects and research associated with solar energy, thin film photo-voltaics, and wind energy are being conducted.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 7
  7. Tech Mahindra Design Laboratory
    1. Advanced training on automobile technology and projects for students and researchers.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  8. Center of Excellence for Space Science
    1. Working on Geographical Information Systems with the help of space technology to identify issues in farmlands and undertake suitable endeavors. This is oriented to help the agricultural sector leading to economic growth and decent life for related stakeholders.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 8
  9. MSME Center of Excellence
    1. Promotion of entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors. This is aimed for creation of more employments and decent life for the stakeholders.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 8
  10. Siemens Laboratory
    1. The objective of this Center of Excellence is to impart project based training of PLM software tools for cutting edge technology enabled students.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  11. Interdisciplinary Research Center in Materials and Nano-Sciences
    1. Advanced research in the domain of materials and nano-sciences are being carried out.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 9
  12. TBI-NIDHI Center of Excellence
    1. It is acting as a local monitoring committee for consideration of proposals, monitoring the progress and taking appropriate decisions on continuation of funding support to the projects.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 9
  13. Center of Excellence in Translational Research Program on Gastrointestinal bacteria pathogens
    1. Advanced Research Program on Gastrointestinal bacteria pathogens.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 3
  14. Schneider Lab
    1. Focuses on automation system and smart energy management. This lab also gives a platform to have hands on experiences on emerging technologies and build skills of real world among students and researchers.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4, 9
  15. Center of Excellence of Water
    1. Studies Gathering, measuring and analyzing data on availability of clean water and sanitation; advanced research on providing clean water at affordable cost from naturally available resources.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 6
  16. Center of Excellence for Rare Earth Materials
    1. Advanced research on the properties of rare earth materials available particularly in the state of Odisha, study of their characteristics and their potential use in industrial applications.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4,9
  17. Center of Excellence for Automotive Mechatronics
    1. Provides advanced diploma in advanced mechatronics creating skilled technicians for the automobile industry.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4,10
  18. Center of Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health
    1. Established in association with BG-BAU Germany, BG-ETEM Germany and Indo-German Focal Point India, this center is working towards safety and generation of health awareness for the laborers working in organized and unorganized sector.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 3
  19. KIIT-DU –Acer Center of Excellence
    1. Projects, automation and software based research and solutions around artificial intelligence and virtual reality are being carried out.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 9
  20. Boeing Center
    1. Capacity Building for University students, faculty and early stage startups to transform plans into practical and possible business ventures with the capability to take the Indian aerospace and defense to the next level and help scale greater heights in future.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 9
  21. Bosch Center of Excellence
    1. Advanced research on robotics and automation of jobs are being carried out.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4,11
  22. Technology Enabling Center
    1. Capacity building for engineering/medicine & science students (of Odisha) to build innovative projects leading to new product & process development, IP & Tech transfer activities.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  23. Technology Transfer Office
    1. Building Capacity of East & Northeast regions bio-incubators and biotech institutions of India including AMTZ, Visakhapatnam on IP & Tech transfer activities.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  24. Fintech Center of Excellence
    1. Software solutions to automate and speed up financial transactions.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 8
  25. Acer Predator Thronos at Design Thinking Lab
    1. helpful in learning and applying the concepts of AR/VR through coding and gamification
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 4
  26. Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Research
    1. Vision to conduct extensive research on social, political & economic policies and design strategies that lead to change in public policy and governance.
    2. Relevant SDG: SDG 8,16,17
  27. Center of Excellence for Happiness
    1. Vision to promote quality of life vis-à-vis happiness or subjective well-being among people. The learning of Happiness studies will provide participants with the requisite skill, knowledge, and attitudes for smooth sailing through the journey in life.
    2. Relevant SDG: 3
  28. Centre of Excellence in Leadership
    1. Vision to facilitate development of leadership skills and making global leaders
    2. Relevant SDG: 8
  29. Centre for studies in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration
    1. objective of promoting intellectual discourses and research in the broad area of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration through various ways of engagement with the different Stakeholders from academia, research, courts, police, prison etc.
    2. Relevant SDG: 10,16
  30. Centre of Arbitration
    1. Promoting alternative dispute resolution and arbitration, the convergence of academic and practice can further the research on theory of arbitration and formulation of best practices for practitioners not just in India but globally.
    2. Relevant SDG: 16, 17,10
  31. Centre for Constitutional Law Studies and Research
    1. to promote awareness among students regarding the dynamics of Constitutional Law. The prime interest of the Centre lies in promoting the research activities in students in national and inter-college level. The Centre has succeeded in extending its work sphere to doctrinal researches and has also started to concentrate on publishing empirical reports. Its objective is to create a supportive environment for academic discussion and thought about constitutional matters. And to encourage students of all backgrounds to participate, regardless of their knowledge of the more nuanced aspects of the constitution. To provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-a-vis Constitutional law. The Society endeavor through the course of its activities to promote awareness about the subject and its importance. The purpose behind the establishment of the Centre is to generate debate and dialogue on various nuances of the subject of Constitutional Law.
    2. Relevant SDG: 17,16
  32. IPR Centre/ Centre for Intellectual Property Studies
    1. Vision to integrate a techno-legal sphere of law such as intellectual property. This Centre aims to provide a common platform to research persons, academicians, industry personnel, policy-makers, practitioners and students, to discuss the multitudes of activities relating to patent, trademarks, copyright, and other forms of intellectual properties.
    2. Relevant SDG: 9
  33. Centre of for Criminology, Victimology and Police Science
    1. Vision to encourage research in criminology, applied criminology and police science among faculty and students. The centre has actively organised international seminars, certificate courses and webinars every year and has already earned a fame for itself among national and international audience and resource persons. Research in criminology, victimology and police science is a neglected domain in research and the active participation of students and faculties promises a vibrant future with ample research avenues and scope.
    2. Relevant SDG: 10,16
  34. Centre of Studies for Business and Corporate Law
    1. the Centre offered a platform to recommend discussions on company legal guidelines, and anatomize on exclusive subjects and additionally expand a hobby in corporate regulation subjects. It is an endeavor to sell the expertise and studies within side the discipline of the Business Law and is an initiative taken with the aid of using the School of Law, KIIT University to assist college students in addition to different stakeholders to evolve the modifications for private in addition to commercial growth. The Centre’s founding purpose is to analyze and examine the enterprise regulation paradigm, to gain that the Centre will behavior numerous sessions, seminars, meetings etc. over the length of time; creating an expertise of realistic elements of company and business legal guidelines amongst students that is going past the scope of school room teaching, which includes preserving the conventional technique of disseminating knowledge, breeding college students specializing in studies and concurrently imparting a breadth and intensity of records specially company legal guidelines and to convey together, from the practicing fields to construct a platform and to gain the top of perfection in corporate education.
    2. Relevant SDG:8,9,10,16
  35. Centre for studies in Legislative Drafting
    1. Relevant SDG: 16
  36. Microchip Centre for Excellence
    1. Relevant SDG: 9,11,17
  37. International Centre for Business Research and Innovation
    1. Relevant SDG: 8