Centre for Excellence on Public Policy and Research

Centre for Excellence on Public Policy Research has been established for impacting social and technical policy formulation process with an emphasis on good governance practices, efficient implementation mechanisms and evidence-based policy making. The centre conducts extensive research on social, political & economic policies and design strategies that can lead to change in public policy and governance.

The Centre has the following committees:

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. A.Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS – Chairman
  • Prof. P.K.J Mohapatra, Ex-Professor, IIT Kharagpur -Co-Chairman
  • Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty, Vice Chancellor -Member
  • Prof. S.Nanda, Professor Eminence & Research Chair – Member
  • Prof. Sasmita Samanta, Pro Vice Chancellor -Member Secretary

Executive Committee

  • Prof. Sasmita Samanta, Pro Vice Chancellor – Chairperson
  • Prof. A.K.Ray, Director, Academics – Member Secretary
  • Prof. R.N.Subudhi, Professor, SoM – Member
  • Prof. V. Venkatakrishnan , Dean, KSRM Member
  • Prof. P.K.Sarkar, Professor, KLS Member
  • Mr. Subhankar Nayak, Dy.Director, Public Policy Research : Coordinator

Thrust areas of research: Existing Public policies, Development of new policies

Centre of Excellence on Happiness

Happiness Centre has been established with the vision to promote quality of life vis-à-vis happiness or subjective well-being among people. The learning of Happiness studies will provide participants with the requisite skill, knowledge, and attitudes for smooth sailing through the journey in life. On the journey for knowledge creation, the research will focus on causes and consequences of happiness and interventions for promotion of happiness. It will carry out longitudinal and experimental studies as well as survey research.

Thrust Areas for research: causes and consequences of happiness and interventions for promotion of happiness, be brain signals before and after yogic and contemplative practices; stress, burnout, interventions, and resilience; human virtues, flow, compassion, spirituality, humour, and creativity; nonverbal communication, mental calmness, emotional intelligence, leadership, happiness profiling, happiness interventions, development of assistive devices for physically and mentally challenged, etc.

Policies reviewed & revised on Jan 31, 2020