Policies towards LGBTQ students

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Deemed to be University is committed to the holistic development of each and every student, with the objective of making them a responsible global citizen of the future. In order to promote a free and fair learning experience in the campus, the University has a defined ‘Anti –discrimination and Equal Opportunity’ Policy abiding by Article 15 and 16 of the Indian Constitution. Article 15 mandates prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth, whereas Article 16 mandates equal opportunity in matters of public employment. The policy details in this regard are available at https://kiit.ac.in/equal-opportunity-policy/.

As per the anti-discrimination policy, the University does not discriminate, and prohibits other adverse discrimination at the workplace, on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth, descent, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age or any of them (“Discrimination Characteristics”). The University does not condone any adverse discrimination against any person on its premises, whether that person is a student or employee or otherwise.

The University focuses on gender neutral policies and facilities. It also ensures gender neutral language in all its communications with the stakeholders and others. The University has defined policies towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) student groups and has put several systems in place to facilitate their study and career growth, which are outlined below.


Admissions for LGBTQ students:

Admission opportunities are provided to all aspiring students from India and abroad without any discrimination for their background, caste, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. This is also applicable for the LGBTQ students. The admission department of the University maintains the track of applications & admissions of LGBTQ students from different states of India and abroad. The University admission portal provides all possible gender options (male, female and others) to choose from, details of which are kept confidential.

Scholarships are also available in the form of full or partial fee waivers for students based on their merit and economic backgrounds. As per the Equal Opportunity policy, LGBTQ students are also eligible to apply for the scholarships. The quantum of scholarship and period of scholarship is subject to change from time to time. They are also eligible for International Students Scholarship schemes in which two students from each country are provided full scholarships and ten other students are provided 50% scholarship each to pursue their education in the University.

LGBTQ student affairs committee and mentoring support:

To ensure the equity of LGBTQ students in every respect, a LGBTQ student affairs committee has been constituted. This committee works to ensure that there is no discrimination or harassment of LGBTQ students inside the University. The University has a dedicated tutor and mentoring system for all students which are also available for the LGBTQ students. Reports are also collected from the concerned tutor- mentors by the LGBTQ student affairs committee, maintaining all confidentiality and protocols, to understand the students’ needs and aspirations.

LGBTQ student accommodation:

Dedicated accommodation facilities are available for the LGBTQ students. However, an LGBTQ student will only avail these dedicated facilities if they desire so and there is no compulsion on using these separate or dedicated accommodation facilities for them. These facilities include separate residence halls, rest rooms, locker rooms, all gender bathrooms, etc. The University is transforming/ setting up ‘All gender inclusive’ washrooms and restrooms in different locations inside the campus. The LGBTQ students are to be accommodated such that they are safe and comfortable. Necessary arrangements are to be made by the hostel administrative staff for the LGBTQ students that ensure their safety, taking into account inputs from the LGBTQ student affairs committee.

LGBTQ student wellness centres and medical support:

The University has mental health and wellness centres for LGBTQ students. All instructions and procedures for treatment are easily available and informed to the LGBTQ students through their mentors. Medical specialists and counselling therapists are available to medically monitor, counsel and treat the LGBTQ students as required, and entirely free of cost. All students of the University including the LGBTQ students can provide their feedback regarding their health condition, their treatment or medical reports to their mentors or counsellor in an easy and effective way (if they desire), so that effective medical strategy can be put in place with the support of student affairs committee and the University’s own super-speciality medical hospital, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, at the earliest. The University has made medical support free for the LGBTQ students and alumni through its super-speciality hospital.

Teaching and Learning for LGBTQ students:

The University has well defined teaching and learning policies for all its students including LGBTQ students ensuring that there is no discrimination in these aspects. The University is committed towards the holistic development of all students including LGBTQ students. Academic administrators, faculty members and academic support staff must ensure that there is no discrimination in between single-sex students and LGBTQ students. Career Augmentation and Advisory Services (CAAS) provides guidance for academic and corporate placements for all students including the LGBTQ students.

Extracurricular activities:

The University has a policy to ensure that all students (except physical handicapped) including LGBTQ students can participate in all forms of sports events. The University has a gender inclusive sports policy. The LGBTQ students can be provided with the flexibility to choose their sports event.

The LGBTQ students can participate in all forms of cultural events along with the single-sex students. The University provides all types of cultural facilities like auditorium, decoration, lights and sound facilities to all the students without any discrimination. A dedicated cultural committee has been formed to monitor all the cultural activities of the University performed by all the students including LGBTQ students with safety precautions and without any gender discrimination.

Policies reviewed & revised on Jan 31, 2020