Mental Health Care Services

The University considers mental health care service including providing necessary information and guidance in this regard, as a vital aspect for its students. Mental health issues may not be apparent but if persist may cause detrimental effects in the long run.

Early consultation, counseling and treatment will prevent any serious illness or health issues. Students can book an appointment with the consultants available with Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (the medical unit of the University) and discuss any issues they are facing or avail any related information through this portal.

Students may also be referred to specialists if required by the Students Counseling Cell

These services are provided free of cost for the University students.

Book an Appointment

    Book an appointment

    All information will be kept confidential. The student / staff will be contacted through the Institute email address.

    Counselling during COVID pandemic

    At this critical time, our students and staff members may need any type of counseling or consolation to overcome their family problem, if any, (except financial matters) arisen out of this COVID PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN. Keeping in view of this, the KIIT Authority has constituted a 5-Member Committee to extend necessary counseling services to the students and staff members of KIIT/ KISS/ KIMS, if they so require, over Phone/ WhatsApp or other available Online modes with effect from 17th April, 2020.

    Members of the Committee:

    1. Mrs. Tripura Mishra – Chairperson (Mob.No.9437413557)
    2. Dr. Sujata Acharya (Mob.No.8249712102/9470051007)
    3. Dr. Bijayalaxi Routray (Mob.No.9937401113)
    4. Ms. Rajyalaxmi Panda (Mob.No. 8338988491)

    Details available at

    Policies reviewed & revised on Jan 31, 2020